Re: [sixties-l] No left in America

Date: Thu Jun 29 2000 - 02:46:23 CUT

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    If I might try to make a comment. The "left" is far from failure in my eyes.
    The "right" often finds the left most important for it's own survival. The
    right finds source in fear of the unknown and prescribing a formula to deal
    with it, implementing religious dogma to lay out the pages of script,
    answering the fears of the unknown and leading one to comfort. The left view
    of our existence or human nature is a lack of framework to hang our fears on,
    offering very little in the way of bonafide facts to cushion ourselves with
    and leaving us standing quietly in the moment. At that point the "right"
    becomes noise.
         Regarding capitalism and criminality, these concepts rise from the roots
    of the same tree, and separating them would deflate both definitions.
    Corporate oppression often begins as capitalist effort but then continues
    buried in incompetence and lack of leadership. Many corporate big wigs are
    moral humans with the ability to bleed as well as all of us when regarded as
    individuals. It is when that individual tries to apply this morality on the
    corporate structure that it immediately dilutes out of view. I think that
    when we confuse morality with capitalism in the style of Newt Gingrich and
    the Empower America geeks we see the futility of the right.
                                      Just my 2cts.
                                                    Mark Hebard

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