[sixties-l] Brandishing Machine Guns, Militia Marches on Houston

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Date: Fri Jun 23 2000 - 00:28:43 CUT

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    radman says:
    The right-wing speaketh, mostly from ignorance. See my other post (Black
    Panthers: old v. young) for background on the Texas 'panther' group.

    Brandishing Machine Guns, Militia Marches on Houston

    An organized, trained, uniformed, and heavily armed Militia
    marched through the streets of Houston, Fri. June 16, reports the Houston
    Chronicle, and yet, there has been little national media coverage, no
    discussion from the usual commentators and savants, and no comment from the
    White House. The gun control lobby, the anti-militia crowd, and their
    assorted left-wing camp followers have been silent. Even though this
    private army was reported to be carrying AK-47s, which have been illegal in
    the U.S. since the 1930's, the Houston DA's office doesn't expect to file
    charges. Far less evidence of illegal weaponry resulted in the Waco home
    invasion and subsequent holocaust in April 1993. Why the double standard?

    This militia was part of the "New" Black Panther Party. Along with the
    National Black United Front and the New Black Muslim Movement, the Panthers
    were "protesting" outside the George R.
           Brown Convention Center while the State GOP was being
    addressed by Laura Bush, wife of the presumptive Republican
    Presidential nominee. The issue, which prompted the Panthers to
    don their jack-boots and black uniforms, was the death penalty,
    particularly as it pertains to the scheduled execution of convicted
    murderer Gary Graham. That the Black Panthers would advocate against the
    death penalty, given their own well-documented history of executions
    against "traitors", is in and of itself the epitome of hypocrisy.
    Panther leader Quanell X was quoted by the Chronicle as saying "We believe
    we have a divine duty and a divine obligation to stand up for any Black man
    on Death Row about to be executed for a crime he didn't commit". We all
    have an obligation to stand up for any innocent man on death row, however,
    Quanell X doesn't elaborate on why he thinks Graham, convicted of murder by
    a jury of his peers, is innocent. The question of guilt or innocence,
    particularly in capitol offences demands high levels of proof in all cases.
    Such standards would end the implied charges of racism. As head of the
    Black Panthers, Quanell X inherits the mantle of a group whose opposition
    to the death penalty is entirely dialectical rather than fundamental. There
    was other non-militia groups protesting outside the convention.
    The Black Panthers, under the leadership of Marxist revolutionaries
    Eldridge Cleaver, Bobby Seale and Huey Newton, was a violent anti-American
    gang of thugs that regularly engaged in shootings, bombings, extortion,
    racketeering, crime and subversion. The only difference between them and
    the Mafia, or the crips and bloods, is that they assumed a Marxist posture
    thus winning the adulation of much of the self-hating liberal
    establishment. Their public utterances and actions present a record of
    advocating the replacement of the U.S.Government with a "peoples" republic.
    Their method was to instigate race war. David Horowitz, author of Radical
    Son, worked with the Black Panthers in the 1970's and provides excellent
    research on their background.
    Unlike the demonized "right wing" militias, which, for the most
    part, have maintained a record of law abidance and support for
    the Constitution, the Black Panthers, violent criminals, make the
    left feel all warm and fuzzy. Since they mouth Marxist "ideals" they
    have received large foundation grants and get invited to dinner
    parties at the penthouses of such "radical chic" figures as
    composer Leonard Bernstein. The Black Panthers have been
    celebrated in books and movies and have been held up as Black
    Leaders by our establishment press. The introduction of violence, and in
    the case of Cleaver, rape, as a legitimate means of effecting social change
    has been their contribution to our American way of life.

    Abolition of the death penalty is emerging as the main weapon in the
    desperate presidential campaign of Vice President Al Gore.
    Never mind that then Governor and Presidential candidate Bill
                 Clinton refused to grant clemency to death row inmate Rickey Ray
                 Rector, a mentally impaired man who was unable to comprehend
    his imminent demise. Rector, as he was being led to his execution,
    left the pecan pie from his last dinner under the bed to be eaten
    later. Never mind that Bush's predecessor, liberal Governor Ann
                 Richards presided over several executions.
    The death penalty serves several functions for Gore's left-wing
    core constituency. The big lie is that Bush is "mean-spirited" by
    signing on to it and that he's "racist" because of the fact that a high
    percentage of death row inmates are Black. The death penalty is a
    sensitive and highly complex issue that deserves careful study by
    respective State governments. Advances in criminal science and
    the development of techniques such as DNA evidence will
    hopefully lead to a higher level of proof in capital offences. In the
                 mean time, lets not let the hypocritical left demagogue the issue.

                Charles A. Morse is a nationally syndicated talk show host
    heard on the American Freedom Network and is a
    contributing writer for Enter Stage Right , Sierra Times and the

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