[sixties-l] Here's to you, Country Joe

From: Jvaron@aol.com
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 19:43:34 CUT

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    A little off-topic (maybe), but I couldn't resist.

    A few years back I was in a rock band in Ithaca (grad students) and our name
    was "Kissed By Nixon." A friend of our singer's had actually been kissed by
    Nixon while a baby at some campaign rally for the 72 election. We all
    thought that was icky but funny; hence the name. To close our shows (ok, we
    didn't have a lot of them!) we'd play your (C Joe's) "Tricky-Dicky" jugband
    style from the album "Incredible Live." The older set hooted, and we'd
    explain afterwords to the undergrads just who this Tricky-Dick was and that
    Yorbelinda was a place in California. Just thought you'd like to know .

    ps. To open a class at Rutgers on anti-Vietnam war resistance I played "Kiss
    My Ass" for, as you say, "a GI perspective."

    Singin' to myslef, "Why it's tricky-dicky from Yorbelinda, hip-hip-hip hooray
    . . . " Thanx for all the wonderful tunes.


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