Re: [sixties-l] Gore v. Bush

Date: Wed Jun 21 2000 - 21:55:23 CUT

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    re - Ted re- Nader -re Bush v. Gore
    I would prefer Nader being president by a limitless amount. But there is no
    chance of that. Gore or Bush will win - and nobody disputes this. Between the
    two, Gore is 5 per cent better. Not much better but on some issues - like
    being pro-choice on reproductive rights - it counts, it's significant. Now,
    if it turns out that Oregon (where I live) is a walk a way for Gore - I'll be
    supporting Nader big time. But if that support might throw it to Bush - then
    I can't do it. It would like voting for Bush. What a horrible thought!
    Stew Albert

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