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Date: Tue Jun 20 2000 - 13:27:47 CUT

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    Joe McDonald wrote:

    > does anyone know the story about the famous VW BUG car that became so
    > famous in the sixties? How did it come to be made in Germany and for
    > what? cheers, country joe mcdonald

    I'll be shocked if no one can answer this better, but the Bug was the
    original and only model of the Volkswagen, as envisioned by Hitler.
    Literally translated as "the people's (folk) car," it was designed to be
    affordable transit for the masses. It was also a major economic and
    sociopolitical coup for Hitler, who wanted to promote the image of a
    modern, highly technical and efficient society. Plus I think he liked
    gadgets, basically enough. And he wasn't building factories just to make
    VWs either---he understood that the Bug factory of today was the
    Messerschmitt factory of tomorrow.

    I believe they stopped making them in around 1980, then restarted just a
    couple of years ago.

    There is plenty to read about the story, I know that. Try "VW Bug,
    history" as a search phrase on the web, Joe.
    Good luck!

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