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From: Mark Bunster (
Date: Sun Jun 18 2000 - 01:22:49 CUT

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    > Mbunster believes the dead should be honored "because they obeyed their
    > country and served their duties, many of them dying for it," and for
    > this, "they deserve respect." That is the tragic pattern that has come
    > down through the ages, exemplified in the phrase, "For king and
    > country," and will be the excuse for the next Vietnam.

    Once again, I did not say this. Please be careful in reading the
    messages, in attempting to attribute them.

    I merely said that there are lots of Confederate memorials in the South,
    without any judgement of them whatsoever. That said, a friend of mine
    and I here in Richmond ejoy referring to Monument Avenue as "The Avenue
    of Second Place Trophies." And I find it bemusing that no one, black or
    white, seems to enjoy the inclusion of Arthur Ashe among them, figuring
    that either Ashe or the rest, respectively, are sullied by it.

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