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Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 23:42:01 CUT

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    Joe: Not a good comparison. Firefighters do good, by definition.
    They save people's lives, not take them. Moreover, they are
    always volunteers. I don't blame soldiers for war. I blame them
    for not using the brains they were given within the framework of
    the morality they were taught and, for those with doubts about a
    war, lacking the courage they are later credited for,
    particularly if they are killed.
                                                    William Mandel

    Joe McDonald wrote:
    > William Mandel wrote:
    > > Joe: Please explain something to me. Anyone who went to fight in
    > > Vietnam went to a country incapable of hurting the United States:
    > > no air force, no fleet. The simplest kid with any kind of
    > > morality whatever -- religious, you name it -- was capable of
    > > understanding that. So he was an invader, a killer of people who
    > > couldn't do anything to his country. Why should I memorialize
    > > such people?
    > > In all sincerity,
    > > Bill Mandel
    > Bill if you don't want to you should not memorialize such people. Isn't that the
    > great thing about living in a democratic non fascist country like America as you
    > yourself pointed out a few posts back. But really very few of us have the courage
    > needed to resist the draft or refuse to fight once inducted or processed into the
    > military, any military for that matter. Once again: blaming soldiers for war is
    > like blaming fire fighters for fire.
    > PRESENT by Linda Grant De Pauw, 1998 Univ. of Oklahoma Press: Norman will show
    > that all wars have been unjust and horrible. Ms De Pauw does not have the
    > standing of John Keegan. But Mr. Keegan's A HISTORY OF WARFARE, which is one of
    > the many patriarchal bibles on warfare out there, does not give women any play at
    > all. I am not suggesting what Alan Lomax loves, a statue of a soldier on a horse
    > with a sword, but simple acknowledgment of individual human sacrifice to foreign
    > policy adventurism.
    > Bill are you a military veteran? i ask because i feel it is important to
    > understand the 24/7 conditions military personnel live under that acts as the
    > grease that keeps the wheels of war turning. i wonder how many shows of virtual
    > hands there would be on the list if i ask: how many on the list are military
    > veterans or now active duty military? cheers, country joe mcdonald
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