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From: Ted Morgan (
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 14:28:06 CUT

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    Hi Helen et al,
    Great news about the film. I'm looking forward to a copy!! But I'm teaching my
    60s class this fall and would have some interest in a visit/showing, etc. At some
    point I can figure out when might be best in terms of course coverage (student
    movement & new left = about a month into the semester, or it could come later when
    we get to the apocalyptical late 60-s stuff and reasons for this.... In any case,
    I wanted to get in touch re. this.
    Ted Morgan wrote:

    > As some of you know, Ive been working on REBELS WITH A CAUSE, a documentary
    > film on SDS, for a number of years now. And, just as this list revives, the
    > film (109 minutes) is now done. It will open at the Seattle Film Festival
    > June 1 (also June 3). Im a former SDS activist (Harvard, Asst Natl
    > Secretary 1964-5, SDSs Hoboken ERAP project 1965-7, then California) and the
    > film includes interview with 28 former local activists and national leaders.
    > We havent figured out distribution yet (& well be out of the country from
    > after the Seattle Fest until end June) so will be unreachable (please dont
    > send emails til July and then to Letters to 26873 Hester
    > Creek Rd, Los Gatos, CA 95033 will get to us as soon as we get back. We have
    > a minimal web site that will have more information when we get back: www.sdsr
    > Well put more information on this list then as well. We hope to
    > take the film around to theaters and campuses beginning this fall. If youre
    > near Seattle, come see us at the festival. If youd like to have us come to
    > your campus, let us know.
    > Helen Garvy, producer/director; Robert Pardun, associate producer
    > FEATURING: Jane Adams, Bill Ayers, Carolyn Craven, Carl Davidson, Bernardine
    > Dohrn,
    > Alice Embree, Dick Flacks, Todd Gitlin, Carol Glassman, Juan Gonzalez, Alan
    > Haber, Casey Hayden, Tom Hayden, Mark Kleiman, Sue Eanet Klonsky, Sharon
    > Jeffrey Lehrer, Steve Max, Jeff Shero Nightbyrd, Carl Oglesby, Robert Pardun,
    > Judy Schiffer Perez, Bob Ross, Vivian Leburg Rothstein, Mike Spiegel,
    > Elizabeth Stanley, Marilyn Salzman Webb, Cathy Wilkerson, Junius Williams
    > A film on of the hopes, rebellions, and repression of the 1960s told by
    > members of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the largest student
    > organization of the 1960s.
    > Students for a Democratic Society was a uniquely American home-grown movement
    > that grew and evolved in response to the times and spanned a decade during
    > which the United States and the student movement changed dramatically.
    > The film traces SDS from its origins as an organization inspired by the civil
    > rights movement and concerned with civil rights, economic justice, peace, and
    > participatory democracy and follows its transformation into a hard-hitting
    > protest movement, whose mounting preoccupation with the Vietnam War was
    > instrumental both in the end of the war, and the end of a splintered SDS in
    > 1970. Along the way, a whole generation was profoundly changed at the same
    > time it helped transform America.
    > Sorry to send this just as we leave town, but I thought people would like to
    > know it's done. (For those interested, note that the film also includes
    > interesting material on the early women's movement and FBI). I'll be in
    > touch again when we get back.
    > Helen Garvy
    > 26873 Hester Creek Rd
    > Los Gatos, CA 95033

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