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    I got my story from Ellen Maslow, who, when I interviewed her in the early
    90s, was a gestalt therapist in Boulder. She was in Abbie's class at
    Brandeis and, of course, is Abe's daughter.
    I tried to interview Mendy Samstein for my book but he didn't want to talk.
     I did talk to
    Manny Schreiber and Herb Gamberg (who was a little bit older). Abbie came
    from Worcester and always had a strong accent. I've got a little article
    on Abbie due out in the Brandeis Alumni review one of these months.



    At 06:35 AM 6/7/2000 -0400, you wrote:
    >I came to Brandeis as a freshman in 1957. I lived in Fruchtman C (I
    >think). Abbie Hoffman was definitly the sandwich man in the quad
    >(Ridgewood) where I lived. He would come in with a box full of subs and
    >yell out "sandwich man"! He invariably wore jeans, had to me what was
    >clearly a Mass. (I would have said Boston, then) accent and threew
    >himself into his work. I was amazed and amused to see him famous
    >sometime later - I don't rememebr when I first encountered him as ABBIE
    >HOFFMAN. (For further trivia, Mendy Samstein later of SNCC lived in the
    >next door to mine room.)
    >Many blessings,

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