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Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 07:11:32 CUT

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    >When the National
    >Guard came into town, we met them with coffee and donuts (they were not the
    >enemy) but the powers that be claimed (to keep us away from them) that
    >someone had slipped LSD into the coffee and they were ordered not to accept
    >anything from us. >
    >best, Don Monkerud
    Yeah, I remember that! As if there was any decent acid around by that time.
    But I remember the Nat'l Guard boys as being just that....scared boys who
    really didn't want to be there. In fact I remember one " defecting " during
    the daily
    skrimmage, once. I was most impressed by the courage he showed.
      As for the large corporations and their manipulations...I remember walking
    streets one morning about 5 AM, and up on Telegraph and Bancroft a State of
    Calif dump truck pulls up and drops a load of rocks on the street corner.
      My understanding was that they were trying to force the small business
    out by jacking up their insurence rates ( via broken glass).


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