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Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 16:44:24 CUT

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    Don Monkerud wrote, in part:

    >I too have been thinking about that review and found myself very critical
    >of premise that many crossed over to become both left and right behind a
    >facade of libertarianism.
    >There were certainly many contradictions as we tried to plow our own row
    >and I think Sandra gets closer to the real questions.
    >The original post was filled with political meanings, which I feel was a
    >set up to salve the consciousness of those who want to support someone
    >like Pat Buchannan. I'm appalled at the very suggestion that someone who
    >wants to put me in jail somehow becomes an ally. There was never a
    >connection between the button down boys at the YAF and SDS that I knew
    >about. Sure the book under review could find 35 people who crossed between
    >the two, but then given America, you could probably find many such
    >combinations; it doesn't represent a movement. (Listen to the right wing
    >talk shows and you'll find they want to make alliances with the WTO
    >protesters for their own ends.)

     I think that the link between YAF and SDS (actually, some of each)
    essentially stems from a libertarian spirit that many in both camps shared
    - thus both could oppose the draft, although YAF supported the Vietnam War
    and SDS did not - in my own research, which focused on YAF, I found
    examples of cooperation and I seem to remember that all of them came from
    libertarians in YAF -
    John Andrew

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