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Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 17:55:53 CUT

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    >Don Monkerud wrote, in part:
    >>I too have been thinking about that review and found myself very critical
    >>of premise that many crossed over to become both left and right behind a
    >>facade of libertarianism.
    >>There were certainly many contradictions as we tried to plow our own row
    >>and I think Sandra gets closer to the real questions.
    >>The original post was filled with political meanings, which I feel was a
    >>set up to salve the consciousness of those who want to support someone
    >>like Pat Buchannan. I'm appalled at the very suggestion that someone who
    >>wants to put me in jail somehow becomes an ally. There was never a
    >>connection between the button down boys at the YAF and SDS that I knew
    >>about. Sure the book under review could find 35 people who crossed between
    >>the two, but then given America, you could probably find many such
    >>combinations; it doesn't represent a movement. (Listen to the right wing
    >>talk shows and you'll find they want to make alliances with the WTO
    >>protesters for their own ends.)
    > I think that the link between YAF and SDS (actually, some of each)
    >essentially stems from a libertarian spirit that many in both camps shared
    >- thus both could oppose the draft, although YAF supported the Vietnam War
    >and SDS did not - in my own research, which focused on YAF, I found
    >examples of cooperation and I seem to remember that all of them came from
    >libertarians in YAF -
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    I see your point and know that some claimed there was not left-right but
    more of a circle with those points meeting. I think we all mistrusted the
    government and that we held in common. I have a number of arguments with
    the libertarian point of view, which accounts for my seeing the need for
    government. Without government regulation, the corporations will control
    everything, which they are rapidly coming to do anyway. Some on the right
    oppose this but will run smack into the power that supports this way of
    thinking, i.e. corporate power and the wealthy who benefit from the
    corporations. Where does that leave the libertarians?

    best, Don

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