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From: Cornett (cornett@junshin-c.ac.jp)
Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 01:13:43 CUT

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    Kali, All
    more Welcome backs in order.
    re: my posts misinformation
    > For those who haven't found the newsletter KOTR(Keep On
    > Truckin' Revisited), although pre-washed/sweet, has the
    > era/times(a'lil late), n some links. sorry don't have the URL here,
    > but worth a search/checkout at least-IMHO
    Correction to: KOTRV
    and licks here supplied(no search)
    Post message: kotrv@egroups.com or hippy@vipgrafx.com
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    Sorry for the BS misinfo, will try to stay in line from now on,
    Keep Rockin'
    Bill Cornett

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