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Date: Sun May 21 2000 - 02:27:46 CUT

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    Greetings to all. The SIXTIES-L list is back in business! As your new
    moderator, permit me to make some mistakes as I bring the list back up to
    speed and educate myself in the intricacies of majordomo. I'd like to get
    this started right away, so I have appended the SIXTIES-L intro file in
    order to re-acquaint everyone with the purpose and administrative
    requirements of the list. I will be remaining anonymous as the moderator,
    in order to save myself from some of the grief that previous
    publicly-identified moderators were subjected to. I will say that I
    was a subscriber to the old list, and sorely missed the thriving
    community that once existed here. As moderator, I will likely have a
    lighter touch than previous moderators in approving your posts. That
    said, however, I very much wish to adhere to the original purpose and
    intent of the list, as outlined below. Please take a few minutes to
    review the introductory file below before you begin posting. The most
    significant change will be the email addresses used for posting,
    unsubscribing, etc.

    To reach the moderator directly, use:


    To send a message for posting to the list, use:


    There will be a short learning curve as I get the subscriber list
    current, so please bear with me through this process. In addition, the
    website will be updated at some point, but no deadline has been set.

    I hope you all are as pleased as I am with the rebirth of SIXTIES-L.

    Welcome back!!

    the moderator
    Welcome to the SIXTIES-L discussion list.

    We suggest you hold onto this message for your files. It'll come in
    handy if you want to unsub later, or if you have questions about the
    parameters of the list.

    SIXTIES-L is a moderated electronic mail forum for interdisciplinary
    academic and literary discussion of the cultural, social, and
    political movements of the Sixties. We invite participation from
    scholars in the various disciplines, such as history, literature, area
    studies, women's studies, african american studies, sociology,
    economics, political science, religion, psychology, queer studies,
    cultural studies etc. We also encourage the participation of teachers,
    artists and activists.

    SIXTIES-L is sponsored by the Sixties Project, the Institute of
    Advanced Technology in the Humanities at the University of Virginia at
    Charlottesvile, and by Viet Nam Generation, Inc. For more information
    on the Sixties Project, visit our Web site at:

    SIXTIES-L serves a variety of functions: it is a place where scholars,
    teachers, activists and writers can network, where they can inquire
    about resources, raise questions, debate issues, and obtain
    information about current events in the field (calls for papers,
    conferences, etc.).

    We envision SIXTIES-L as an environment in which we can embrace the
    spirit of the 1960s and engage in passionate discussion and articulate
    views, while at the same time preserving a level of respect and
    consideration for our peers which allows diversity to flourish.

    Because the subject matter is so volatile and discussion of the events
    of the Sixties still engenders strong feelings and reactions even from
    a scholarly audience, we have decided to run SIXTIES-L as a moderated
    list. This means that all posts to the list will pass before the eyes
    of one of the moderators before being forwarded on to SIXTIES-L

    To post to the list send your message to:


    The rules for posting are simple:

           1.Confine your messages to subjects related to the Sixties. Use
           the list to either ask for or provide information on pertinent
           topics or resources, to discuss relevant subjects, or to post
           items (including scholarly or news articles, and course
           syllabi) which you feel would be of interest to readers
           researching and writing about the 1960s. We will also accept a
           very limited amount of fiction, memoir and poetry, selected on
           the basis of literary merit, potential interest to our
           readership, and topical nature.

         2.Your post should be as specific as possible. General questions
           such as "Does anyone know anything about feminism in the
           1960s?" are not acceptable. Provide your readers with context
           if you are asking a question or seeking information. Make sure
           your subject header reflects the topic discussed in the body of
           your message.

         3.Your post should be substantive. We do not forward one- or
           two-liners to the list unless they are direct and specific
           questions, or direct answers to specific questions.

         4.Include your name and email address in the body of your post.

    If we reject your post, we will send it back to you, and (depending on
            our time and mood) explain why.

    The most likely reasons for rejection are:

         1.The post was outside the subject area of SIXTIES-L.

         2.The post was too vague or general.

         3.The subject header did not match the content of the post, or
           you neglected to include your name and/or email address.

         4.The post was a one- or two-liner which was not a direct and
           specific query or an answer to such a query.

         5.The post contained potentially offensive racist or sexist
           insults, or contained abusive language, or personal attacks
           (flaming) of other listmembers. (We understand that this rule
           will itself be controversial. What is and is not offensive is
           necessarily subjective. But in a volatile atmosphere, we prefer
           to err on the side of caution and to insist that posting
           members preserve an atmosphere of civility and reserve their
           attacks for others' arguments rather than their characters.)

    SIXTIES-L archives files are available at our Web site at:


    You can unsubscribe from SIXTIES-L at any time by sending a message to:

    Leave the subject line blank. The message should read:

          unsubscribe SIXTIES-L your_email_address

    There is no way to set SIXTIES-L nomail, so you will need to unsub and
    resub if you want to stop your mail from the list for a period of time.

    If you would like to receive SIXTIES-L as a digest, you can send a
    message to:

    Leave the subject line blank. The message should read:

          subscribe SIXTIES-L-digest your_email_address

    You will need to unsub SIXTIES-L if you want to stop receiving single
    messages. The digest option is a separate list.

    If you have questions or need technical help, contact the moderators at:

 (not sixties-l)

    Enjoy your stay on SIXTIES-L!

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