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Date: Mon May 22 2000 - 21:30:25 CUT

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    To our new moderator-person ...

    I sent this a couple of weeks ago. Thought it might be of interest to some of
    the folks on the list.

    You may recall the nascent effort by some of us on the Sixties-L list to Web
    publish selected chapters from our sixties-oriented novels. We didn't quite
    succeed, but I think some of us who worked together on this ambitious virtual
    project gained from the experience.
    Anyway, I also found value in the Sixties-L Personal Narrative Project and am
    gratified to see that my narrative is still posted. It looks like the site
    has come to a stall in terms of discussions and so forth.
    I am pasting below a press release about an achievement related to Sixties-L.
    It was on your site that I found the impetus and encouragement to proceed --
    maybe even earn a virtual colleague in Paula Friedman.
    If you have any suggestions for electronic dissemination of this press
    release, I will be most appreciative.
    Brent Green
    Award-winning novel examines Vietnam War era from another battlefield
    perspective Americas universities
    Madeleine Mellini, 719-684-9085
    Brent Green, 303-743-0140; email:

    Denver, Colo., May 4, 2000 Brent Green, a 1972 graduate of the University
    of Kansas and former student activist, will publish in June his literary
    novel "Noble Chaos," an unadulterated account of the Vietnam War era from the
    viewpoint of college students. This is the first and only historical fiction
    book that captures the turbulent sixties in the bellicose framework of a
    Midwestern university.

    Like most of the nations universities during 1969 and 1970, KU was under
    siege. Events on campus reflected the national mood of civil insurgence,
    protest marches over the Vietnam War, and shifting cultural and social
    values. Greens novel fictionalizes many of these momentous episodes,
    including the National Vietnam War Moratorium, bombing of the Student Union,
    and a violent blockade of the Chancellors ROTC review.

    "Noble Chaos" portrays the saga of Ryan Sterling, a nineteen-year-old junior
    majoring in psychology. Like so many students of that time, Ryan traverses a
    moral switchback. He withdraws from education while managing to remain on the
    deans list; he defies authority while conforming to peer pressure; and he
    consumes drugs while resisting dependency on psychoactive chemicals.

    After seeking the safety of a steady love relationship, Ryan explores sexual
    promiscuity. He joins his university comrades in protest of the Vietnam War
    while questioning the patriotic implications. He devours philosophy,
    psychology and literature to add meaning to his raging confusion. But
    conflict is the price of his odyssey. Conflict carves rifts between Ryan, his
    peers and society.

    This novel characterizes a recondite chapter in history and conveys the
    introspective struggles with traditional American values, said Green. In
    addition to entertaining the reader, my desire is to raise important
    questions about the individuals role in the political process. Maybe its
    time to elevate the sixties antiwar uprising to the stature of other
    history-defining social and political revolutions.

    "Noble Chaos" is being published by an imprint of, "Writers
    Showcase presented by Writers Digest," and will be available on-line and in
    selected bookstores by June 15, 2000.
    About the Author
    Brent Green has been a community organizer throughout his academic and
    professional careers. During college in the late sixties and early seventies
    at the University of Kansas, he chaired the influential Student Advisory
    Committee. This vocal council challenged many unfashionable university
    traditions and successfully persuaded administrators to change fundamental

    Green has served on numerous community boards and organizing committees,
    including the World Cycling Championships, Junior Achievements National
    Business Leadership Hall of Fame Conference, and as president of the Colorado
    Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau.

    He has been a copywriter and marketing strategist for twenty years, earning
    over 50 local, regional, and national creative awards, including the
    International Gold ECHO award from the Direct Marketing Association.

    Based in Denver, his consulting firm has served a wide range of clients,
    including Hewlett-Packard, the United States Olympic Committee, the U.S.
    Chamber of Commerce, and many high-profile Colorado companies.

    As a fiction writer, Greens short story about alienation, entitled "Flight
    of Fancy," received national recognition from "Writers Digest." He received
    a similar accolade from "Writers Digest" a few years earlier for an essay
    entitled, "Baby Boomers at Mid-life: Coming of Age Revisited."

    An unpublished version of "Noble Chaos" received a literary award for
    historical fiction from Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers in the organizations
    "Colorado Gold" writing competition.

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