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] I recall that FBI director Hoover hated the Kennedys.
] Surely, with all of his investigatory resources, he could
] have come up with "the goods" to expose JFK's erotic
] adventures.
] -- Michael Wright

Try to remember the problems that intervene between the time
of JFK and the current crisis in America.

For reasons that most americans seem either unable, or unwilling to
address, the 'watergate' crisis has the unpleasant specture of the
REALITY of the nations greatest Shift in DefCon to date. As many of
Nixon's Inner Circle would note, the ability to be 'believed' Globally
had been Flushed Down the Toilet by his position in Congress, which
would actually recind the Gulf Of Tonkien Resolution, and would
finally end american ability to bomb anywhere in south east asia -
effective August 1973 - which of course was still a few months after
the american involvement in the War in South East Asia was suppose to
have come to a Close - based upon the American Signature upon what
Nixon and Kissinger had called 'peace with honor' - the paris peace
accord. That the Soviets would Display their new found 'blue water
fleet' during the 'yom kippur war' would clearly destabilize the
american ability to support the Isreali's who had taken the 'gamble'
that they would not be 'allowed' to repeat their 'six day war'
operational success based upon prior intelligence provide by
appropriate Mossad Operatives - and so accepted the 'pearl harbor'
option of allowing themselves to be 'attacked' by the arab nations,
and as such took unpleasant Losses that would not be 'replaced' except
for the massive american intervention - that would create an air
bridge from the Continental Limits of the united states to Tel Aviv,
where ammunition would be off loaded from the American C-5's directly
into transports that would rush directly to the currently affected
battle zone. Try to remember that this occured in the case in which NO
AMERICAN ALLY would allow these planes to LAND in any of the Nato
bases enroute, but would only allow 'dead head' flights to land at
american bases, such as Torrejon, then under a joint agreement with
the FASCIST DICTATOR Generalissimo Franco.

But I guess to go that way, we would of course have to deal with the
BIG Fractures in the Trendy of the Left who were never too sure which
way the wind blew, since it would Be The FASCIST DICTATOR
Generalissimo Franco who would provide Extra Security to protect OUR
Rabbai when the PLO made it clear that they were targetting him
because of the American Involvement in providing Resupply to
Isreal... and the Trendy of the Left were never too sure which Side to
Sit on...

So there is enough 'bad blood' to share around in the complications
between the mere Rhetorical Positions that Persons Took Back then, and
the current Crisis that we face! For reasons that remain lost to
history americans did not rise up against President Ford's Position to
ABANDON the american judicial principle that a Person is Considered
'innocent' until proven guilty by Pardoning Nixon! But that way would
of course DEMAND of the Trendy of both the left and the right that
they decide which SET of 'principles' they actually thought they held
to from the Sixties, and which of them were mere the pleasantly
convenient Convictions of mere youthful indiscretion.

While we are down this way visiting the Unpleasantry, if there is any
real 'joy' to be found, it is listening to His Right Honorable
Representative Henry Hyde Standing up there cloaking himself in the
Mantel of the Radical Feminist Commitment to the 1994 Legislation that
Allows Lawyers to pry around in the private lives of Defendents to
'sexual harrasment' lawsuits in ways that had been REPEALED as an
option for 'fishing expeditions' in the matter of the private lives of
'rape victims' - Gender Neutral Law? Hum???? Or merely the fact that
those of us who OPPOSED the Abuse to be allowed have been shown to
have been correct that perchance what is sauce for the goose should
also be considered Sauce for the Gander??? Or are we all trying to
figure out again how the process of LAW was suppose to have been
implemented? And that perchance the Rhetorical device,

"If we can put a man on the moon,
Then why can't we <myPetCausehere>?"

was a non-sequitor from Day One!

And while we are playing this Gambit to it's Hilt, YES, there is the
intermediary spectur of the 'iran contra affair' in which the rush of
congress to piss out 'congressional grants of immunity' to 'get at the
truth' would lead Walsh to the legally COMPLICATED position of trying
to establish that what ever he might develop as 'indictments' were
clean in all ways of any contamination from such evidence as was
presented to CONGRESS - irregardless of HOW EXPOSED the seated
Government had put all of us in the FIELD, since they had Established
What the PRICE was on our Our Heads!!!!

While we are Visiting this Unpleasantry, would this be the best of
times to address the current REAL CRISIS in american Jurisprudence,
which is the ruling of the 9th Circuit's Opinion that it is acceptable
for persons to 'discriminate' in the matter of renting, should they
establish that they consider it 'enabling the sin' to rent to those
who have 'questionable ethical practices' - or would this be the sort
of matter that will not sit as simply in the mindless bifurcation
between the alledged 'left' and 'right', since the 9th Circuit is the
well known "Liberal" circuit seated in San Francisco? And that
embedded in this decision is not merely the sort of
PoliticallyKorreckt AngstFest about the 'religious right' opposing the
Gay Community, but the MORE Frightening Thought that the court has
decided to embark upon 'religious conviction' tests which will need to
be passed to show compliance with the basis for this judgement?

yes, yes, I know, both 'planet out' and 'the religious right' have not
been able to squeeze this matter into the 'mainstream press' with it's
total focus on the fact that the HetCommunity remains totally
AngstLaden about what it thinks it holds to. But as a Member of the
Warrior Community, FAR too well aware of our Inability to Expect the
Macro Culture to RESPECT US, I find this far more the threat! Since
they seem unable, and unwilling, to accept that Warrior Vows are UNTO
DEATH, and that we take them to our GRAVES and that we MUST defend
them against the Macro Culture and both sets of 'concerned' parties of
the left and right! And yet Neither of them GET IT! A point of Mere
History that the actions of the MotherOfMyChildren Would Bring to the
ForeFront when she left the Fleet and the Nice Folks in the Government
would try to 'come after me' since I had to Government Proof That I
had Upheld My OATH OF HONOR! And it would take a WARRIOR to defend me
against the White Man's Law!!!

So Excuse me while I inject the Fact that I am AMUSED by the current
level of 'concern' being presented that the Het Community is in as
Much Disarray as the LesBiGay Community has become, and that NEITHER
of these Political Organizations remains Able or Willing to defend
those of us from the Warrior Ways, irregardless of Gender, a point as
driven home by my Sisters, as by anyone else, as to the complete
FAILURE of the Civilian Culture to understand the 'veterans' community
and it's Indigenous Culture!!!!

When the SISTERS came Home from VIETNAM the trendy White Girls of the
"women's Liberation Movement" were as unsure what to do with them, as
they had been how to address the issues of Womyn of Colour!!!! And now
we get to watch the comedy from the Side Lines and Giggle Up Our
Sleeves that the Civilian Culture has decided to play TOTALLY confused
about what 'principles' they wish to hold to and which, in the end,
they are willing to DIE for.....

Yeah... Hoover, and the JFK Crisis....

HAH! What a collective Joke.

Civilians trying to resolve which of their Political Lies they
consider to be the TOTAL Like Way TOO COOL Maxims that they wish to
sell each other are the really IMPORTANT ONES.


ps: so there is little ambiguity here, try to remember that one of my
people would cry when Aquino Benino was ASSASINATED on the Tarmac in
Manila when he landed.... Along with other members of his team... But
of course to go there would be to require the Nice American's State
Side to RESOVLE how 'committed' to their 'principles' they think they
had been about which of their positions that they held! It would mean
requiring them to ask and answer for themselves what it WOULD REALLY
MEAN to hold a HUMAN LIFE in their HAND knowing BUGGERING ALL WELL
that to turn this wounded body over to the Lawful Authorities, would
most likely be a DEATH SENTANCE, and what it was like to ACTUALLY PRAY
to GOD to keep them alive since there was NOTHING left in a corpman's
BAG to keep the poor Soul Alive!

Politics and Strange Bed Fellows! Try to imagine what it was like to
come CONUS and trying to make sense of the Press Releases, and NOT
seeing any TANKS in the Streets when the Hearings were talking about
the fact that the DOD might Well have been telling less than
truthfulness to the americans, as was apparently also the case with
the Commander In Chief!!! And those of us who had been overseas
telling some of those less than truthfulness's to keep OUR PEOPLE
ALIVE, look at the current round of moral Pompous ASSES with a
complete Sense of Askance! WHO are these Jokers trying to FOOL after
the 'legal' contracts we signed as 'exit' agreements....

Hell... so the commander in chief got a Piece on the Side without
Compromising any of us in the Community! Wow! What an Angstfest this
must be in the Het Community as they try to resolve which side they
are suppose to be on....

/b> Kali Tal: "CFP: Syncretism and Spirituality in the 1960s (3/12; MLA '99)"
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