Civil Rights Movement (was Re: Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael))

Maura Doherty (
Wed, 18 Nov 1998 15:39:04 -0600

<From: david horowitz <>
<Subject: Re: Stokely Carmichael-response to d horowitz

<"After all,, the whole goddman country outside the South, including the
FBI, the <army and the White House,not to mention the media supported the
civil rights <movement, whose opponents were regarded as proto-Nazis."

Perhaps to some the new thread is exciting but I, for one, am disappointed
about the language and the unsubstantiated claims. We need to be
historically accurate, otherwise we have reduced the list to a "chat room,"
which I have no interest in. Two points worth mentioning, there is ample
evidence that the FBI's "support" of the Civil Rights Movement was less
than stellar. Hoover's animosity towards MLK, Jr. and the fact that some
FBI agents were KKK members has been well documented. Second, historians
would not agree that the whole ***@#! country outside of the South
supported the civil rights movement. Racists were/are alive and well in
probably every state, including my (beloved) liberal home state of
Massachusetts. I can appreciate the passion the contributors display, but
let's make sure the facts are accurate in our interpretations.

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