Re: Linking Woodstock to antiwar protest (multiple posts)

Tue, 25 Nov 1997 12:09:37 -0500


From: "Evan Morris" <>
Subject: Re: Linking Woodstock to antiwar protest (multiple posts)

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>Is your thesis that:
>---the act of attending woodstock was in itself an expression of anti-war
>---the organizers of woodstock had as their intention to stage an anti-war
>---the fact that woodstock happened as it did was evidence of the anti-war
>opinions of its participants?

Re the first point, I'd maintain a modified "yes." There was a near-total
coincidence between strong antiwar feelings and attendance -- any poll at
the site would have registered 99% opposition to the war.

Re the second and third, it's impossible to separate the antiwar sentiments
of the attendees from their collective desire for social change in general.
It's like asking someone shopping for a new car if they want tires too.


From: "Ron Jacobs" <>
Subject: Re: Linking Woodstock to antiwar protest

There was a concerted effort by the yippies and others to politicize
the festival--in fact, this turned out to be posting wall posters,
printing a festival underground, among other things....i'm sure folks
who were there and involved in this effort can provide much more--it
was after the fact that woodstock seemed more a part of the antiwar
reality than during the show itself. Of course, it is impossible to
dichotomize the two -- countercultural fests were also antiwar
protests and vice versa. It is only with hindsight that folks have
gone through such effort to split the two apart....ron j.