Re: Linking Woodstock to antiwar protest

drieux H. (drieux@WETWARE.COM)
Thu, 20 Nov 1997 23:24:26 -0800 (PST)


i think that you are dealing more with a cultural
folklore free standing from the actual historical facts.

What would be interesting as a side line in your
analysis would be to counterpose Woodstock over and
against Altamont. With the Horrid Irony, that in spite
of early unpleasant reactions by the Hell's Angels, they
did ultimately appear to save mick jagger's life from someone
who was drawing a handgun. A point that was underscored in
the movie altamont.

In this way Woodstock and Altamont would stand as bookends
to the whole 'wood stock' nation model of PeaceLoveDopeAndFreeLovingSandles
in a way that would tragically underscore the irony of the
AntiWar Marches which would hear the clarion cry:

Veterans to the Front

once again calling on My Tribe to take the Brunt of the Assault.

It would be REALLY NICE were there such a simplistic bifurcation
of the world as EvilNastyVets on One Side, and those Loving Nice
Hippy Persons who crashed a concert on Max Yazger's Farm. But life
then as now has rarely been that nice or pat.

Where things get even MORE unpleasant is the cross over complications
of RedDiaperBabies such as Country Joe, who were themselves former
Military Personnel....

Where you may wish to take your analysis WOULD be to the issues such
as the bringing of the Healing Wall to BeZerkley, as well as the
Summer of Love Festival in SF, while the nice folks were playing
at Fleet Week!

Trying to create a Mythic Monster out of the Kapitalist Grubbing
of Woodstock, first as the CashCowConcert, then the Movie that some
of the participants were not old enough to see in the cinema with
the varying levels of indecisive commitment to being 'anti-war' would
be one of the Greatest Comedies of Sucking Up to the Whole Liberal
Media Sell Out of the Hippies who were NOT at woodstock but were
where they were because there was as much a mission to be done there
as running off with the rest of the affluent generation to play at
their gate crashing take what you can approach to life!