Re: Vietnamese women research sources? (multiple posts)
Sun, 16 Nov 1997 11:27:30 -0500

From: Peter W. Brush (
Randy Fertel said:
> >Some of my students are trying to research for a paper the role and
> >stories of Vietnamese women, north and south in the recent war. Does
> >anyone have any good sources?
> Le Minh Khue's recent collection of stories published by Curbstone Press
> (_The Stars, The Earth, the River_) is a great place to start. Khue was
> a sapper on the Ho Chi Minh Trail and a number of her stories are very
> much about gender issues.

Randy, can you tell me what sort of things Khue did? The job of sappers
was to clear obstacles and lead attacks on fortified enemy positions;
they'd sneak into a base and blow it up. Doesn't seem there would be
much call for this sort of thing on the Ho Chi Minh Trail (assuming
you mean the trail in Laos and Cambodia).

Peter Brush

From: Susan Brownmiller <>

Best sources for Viet women stuff:

Martha Hess, Then the Americans Came, Four Walls, Eight Windows, 1993.

Wendy Larsen & Tran Thi Nga, Shallow Graves, Random House, 1986

Karen Turner, Even the Women Must Fight, John Wiley, 1997