Re: 1967-1968 top historical events (multiple posts)
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From: Barbara winslow (

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm No mention of the emergence of the women's liberation
movement. Somehow writers about the sixties seem to leave it out time and=

time again. There was the public demonstration at the Miss America Protest
in September 1968, but other women's liberation events, i.e. in Seattle
washington had also taken place.

From: John Andrew <J_Andrew@ACAD.FANDM.EDU>

>1. Vietnamese Tet offensive--meant war would continue. no light at end of
> tunnel
>2. My Lai Massacre
>3. Kennedy Assassinated
>4. King Assassinated
>5. French students revolt
>6. Democratic Convention riots in Chicago
>7. SDS student strike at Columbia and San Francisco State
>8. Beatles White Album
>9. Stones Beggars Banquet
>10. Woodstock
>11. Black revolt--24 cities on fire

What about Prague spring?
John Andrew

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