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Sat, 23 Aug 1997 13:43:29 -0400

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>The Soviet Union collapsed because secular socialism is not a viable
>economic system. All of the wars mentioned above contributed to the
>demise of the Sovit Union by putting stress on a failing economic
>system, but in addition the war in Viet Nam, which was most relevant
>to the people in the sixties, prevented the spread of communism to all
>of South-East Asia.

>If ^greed, dishonesty, corruption, depravity,and power and money addictions^
>>were fatal to a country there would be no major nation existing today.
>James Cummins


Seems to me a lot of major nations are not too far removed from some tough
times, on account of "greed, dishonesty, corruption, depravity, power and
money addictions"! I dont think we have to look too hard to see the
direction the more ethicaly bankrupt nations are headed. As for "existing",
when does a nation cease to exist? When its as stripped and bankrupt as

Paul Heavens

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Valuing the differences is the essence of synenergy - the mental, the
emotional, the psychological differences between people.- and the key to
valuing those differences is to realise that all people see the world not
as it is, but as they are.

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Hey James,
Aren't you forgetting the ass-whipping you took in Viet Nam? You guys LOST
big-time to a peasant army. You could have destroyed the country, but never
conquered it. "Greed, dishonesty, corruption, depravity,and power and money
addictions" were the main reasons the American people turned against the war
once we informed them of what was going on.