Re: academia/organizing (multiple posts)
Sat, 23 Aug 1997 13:43:28 -0400

From: fay (

I commend Baskir's Chance and Circumstance for the definitive study of
Academic draft dodging. The work argues that the campus movements
were an elitist guilt trip vis a vis the fact that those doing the
bleeding were the minority, blue collar and farm kids.

From: "James Cummins" <>


Of course nobody would make the argument that you suggest. That is not
what I said at all. The Viet Nam war provided a delay in the communist
expansion to other countries in that area. It is unfortunate that we
withdrew our forces when the army of South Vietnam was still not able to
defend their country.

There have been many cases in history where losing a battle provided a
delay that allowed the winning of the war. In this case the loss in Viet
Nam provided several years of delay to communist expansion, and allowed
time for the eventual collapse of the Soviet Union.

It is of course to the advantage of communism to harp on Viet Nam and
ignore their failure in the cold war.
Neither the Viet Nam war, nor the sixties occurred in a vacuum.

Jim Cummins