Re: Dow Riot/Madison '67 (multiple posts)
Sun, 3 Aug 1997 16:26:43 -0400

From: Barbara Seidel (

I was in Madison from 68-74. Missed the Dow demo, but those years were
interesting. I can tell you what I remember. What are you writing the
article for?

> From: Stuart Levitan <>
> For an article on the 30th anniversary of the police riot at the Dow
> Chemical recruitment at the Commerce Building on the UW Madison campus
> in October '67, I would appreciate hearing from anyone with memories of
> that event (or other memories of Madison in the Sixties or of Paul
> Soglin). Thank you.
> Stuart Levitan

From: Daniel Olson <>

For a study of the Dow Chemical riots and the Madison protest scene in the
1960's, don't forget to take a look at the documentary film, THE WAR AT
HOME. The movie does an excellent job of showing just how widespread the
resistance to the War in Vietnam was. Lots of short hairs and obvious
bourgeois types even.

Dan Olson
Ohio University
BA, UW-Madison, 1967