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Sun, 3 Aug 1997 16:38:41 -0400

From: Richard C. Crepeau (

For those interested in further information on the Nike Empire and other
related topics the University of Alberta Web Page has an excellent section
dealing with the subject:


Then scroll down to the area titled "Globalization."

Dick Crepeau

From: Jonah Raskin <>

Thanks for the comments on Contempt. I'll see it. Hitchens in the NYRB was
mostly publicizing himself when he wrote about Che, and the review wasn't very
insightful at all. But why expect more from Hitchens - just because he writes
for The Nation. What's so great about The Nation? Tell me? Up Against the
Wall, The Nation. Jonah Raskin

From: Elizabeth Manny <>

To the person who just saw "Contempt" by Jean-Luc Godard, you are indeed
very lucky. This is one of my all time favorite films. I hope I will be
able to see the restored version. It's in Cinemascope and the color
original color was fantastic. This is NOT a movie to see on video. The
small town where I live does not have a good selection of movies.
Re: Journalist Christopher Hitchens - I heard him speak at the Aspen
Design Conference a number of years ago. He's a very articulate,
knowledgeable fellow from England. I often read his articles in "Vanity
Fair." I will have to get the Che book. I was very impressed with
Hitchens. He strikes me as someone who is a true insider, who knows where
the bodies are buried, so to speak. As for evaluating his opinions on Che,
I will hold off until I look at his book.

Elizabeth Manny