Re: Bob Dylan (multiple posts)
Sun, 27 Jul 1997 16:52:43 -0400


>Of course, I meant to type 65, not 66, for the Don't Look Back tour,
>the last completely acoustic shows.The weirdness of the electrified
>1966 tour was filmed by late Howard Alk for Eat the Document. Sorry
>for the confusion.

Actually Alk worked for D.A. Pennebaker I believe and Pennebaker
shot a good deal of the footage for eat the document. (he also shot
dont look back). At some point Pennebaker left the project and then i
believe alk took over filming. alk was also involved in the editing. the
movie originally was intended for an ABC television show Called
Stage 66. Pennebaker put together a film of outtakes. i dont think he
liked the way the film -- eat the doc -- was edited.

marty blank

From: (James L. Wood)

Dear Sixties folk: Like Elizabeth Manny regarding the woman on Dylan's
album, I have long wondered who was the inspiration for The Rolling Stones'
"Honkey Tonk Woman"? I'd be interested in finding out if any of you know.
Jim Wood