course on sixties music

Gerard de Groot (
Tue, 15 Jul 1997 15:02:47 +0100

Dear All,

A few weeks ago, I requested information regarding recordings of protest
songs for a possible course on sixties music. Thanks to everyone who
ressponded; I am wading through a fair pile of useful information. I now
have two other requests:

1. Who wrote and sang "Welfare Cadillac"?

And (more important):

2. I envisage a course which studies both the music itself and retrospective
memories of the music. In order to collect data on the latter, I invite
anyone to write to me providing:

a. impressions of songs which had a profound effect on your consciousness

b. a list (long or short) of songs which you think I ABSOLUTELY must
include in the collection to be studied. I'm not just interested in the
protest music; one of the themes of the course will be the way we remember
certain "important" songs, but not others which were perhaps much more
popular at the time.

I suppose it would be better if you did not clog sixties-l with your
responses, so write to me directly.



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