Re: "We Shall Overcome" (multiple posts)

Julia Stein (jstein@LAEDU.LALC.K12.CA.US)
Tue, 27 May 1997 08:35:55 -0800

>From: "Matthew J. Countryman" <>
>Guy Carawan of the Highlander Center collected "We Will Overcome" an
>old-time gospel song that had been updated by southern labor organizers
>duing the 30's and taught it to civil rights organizers in the 1950's.
>Carawan, I believe, wrote an autobiography and the Highlander Center
>produced a video entitled "We Shall Overcome" which documents the history
>of the song and was shown on PBS.
>Matthew Countryman
>Dept. of History

Does anyone have any infomration on how "We Will Overcome" was sued by
southern labor organizers during the 1930s, expecially in textile
organizing. I'm interested in any material about textile organizing during
the 1930s as I'm doing textile organizing now.
Julia Stein

Julia Stein