Arrogance of Sixties Generation (was: Re[2]: Query: Go Ask Alice)

tom wood (
Fri, 6 Jun 1997 13:00:25 -0700 (PDT)

Karl Slinkard wrote:

>Don't you remember how bloody arrogant we were?

I don't hold that as a fault. The young, at least the living young, are
almost always arrogant--as I learned when I became old and had my own
young. What I do remember is the arrogance of the old, the anger and power
that drove away much of the non-arrogant yearning for support and
acceptance that is also natural to the young. I think being told we were
dirty, sick, dangerous and bums kind of forced us to become a little more
arrogant than we may have naturally been, if only to hold on to what
was--and is--a powerful vision of unity that seemed to be visible only to

Tom Wood