Re: possible participant: Oral History Interviews (multiple responses)

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Subject: Re: possible participant: Oral History Interviews

I was a rank-and-file antiwar activist in 1965-69 in and around Berkeley,
California. I was a reporter for the Berkeley Barb during some of this time,
was on walkie-talkie during Stop the Draft Week, was involved with getting
the Peace and Freedom Party on the California ballot, was involved with the
Port Chicago demonstration and vigil, took part in various VDC marches, in
the week of People's Park demonstrations, and so on. I started a
radical/collective literary magazine in Berkeley in 1969 that developed a
relatively wide circulation. I went through personal changes that related to
/paralleled many of the social/political changes we were in or developing.
If any of this can interest your students, I'm willing to be interviewed.
Though I may have to limit the time involved, I don't know.
Please give me some more sense of what's involved. I'm interested.
Paula Friedman



Subject: Re: Request for Participants: Oral History Interviews

I am willing to be interviewed by one of your students. I was a woman who
went to Vietnam as a medical socialworker with the military. I was at the
95th Evac and the Third Field Hospital in Saigon in 1971 and 72.



From: Bo Yerxa <>
Subject: Re: Request for Participants: Oral History Interviews

I would be open to intereacting with a student....FYI, as a young Republican
@ UMaine in mid-60's, I was involved in establishing SdS on campus...
Are any of your students asking if sources have experienced negative
social/political/employment factors/reprocussions over time as a result of
their activism on one side or t'other of the war?
I would ask that I be contacted only at my home office:


Bo Yerxa, Executive Director Bo Yerxa, Principal
Cornell Cooperative Extension-Monroe County Pocomoonshine Associates
249 Highland Ave 421 Rocket St.
Rochester, N.Y. 14620-3036 Rochester, N.Y. 14609-4214
voice: 716.461.1000/fax: 716.442.7577 716.482.3948

Change is inevitable; progress is optional...
(but Bo's edress is truly unforgettable;)

"We begin to die the minute we cease to care about things that matter."
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