RE: WoodStock
Wed, 23 Apr 1997 12:58:10 +0000

I am reminded of my journey to WoodStock with my friend Goldie,
beginning as we had from Key West Florida.
After saving the Cosmic Goldie and his Marvelous Walking Staff from
shrimp dock louts we agreed to pool our resources and purchased a
1959 VW bus. We made good use of it. He carving antler pipes whilst
I graced the stout deck of the Shrimp Trawler "Miss Trudy".
Between fishing trips Goldie and I motored up to Coconut Grove and
the Golden State Park nearby to dig the groove and top bands...
CCR, Three Dog Night, The Grass Roots and others...

{I must add here that Tiny Tim did a GREAT lead vocal on 'Light My
Fire' with Jim's Band while Jim was with the Dade County Cops}

The scuttlebutt at concerts and the news on the pop stations was the
*BIG* concert coming up at WoodStock...

I recall we arrived at least seven possibly ten days before the
concert and had ample time to get the lay of the land and bivouac
the bus. Goldie had arranged jobs for us...

Later, when the crowds grew and in places, push came to shove, I
retired to the tree line behind the Kitchen and first aid tent, way
back, behind the Hog Farmers, where Goldie and I had pitched a second
small hootch - a humpie.
{I had a severe adversion to crowds ever since the clogged affair at
the 'Image' in Miami - the failed Jim Morrison, Doors Concert)

I recall visiting Bethal at least twice for grub. And remember in
particular a little butcher shop with a nice old feller who helped me
select a balanced box of tucker, vegetables, canned fruit and mince. I
laugh now when I realize his was a kosher shop and him telling me his
vitals would be JUST fine without porkchops. And they were too!

I spent at least one day directing traffic several miles from the
site of the main stage...
My last day of work was spent directing vehicles into fields. The
last, a corn field with the stubble quite high. Many drivers baulked
at the rough going.

I wandered over to this field after that gully washer shower
(was it on a sunday?) and was horrified to see most of the cars sunk
to their axles in the muddy field.

Filmore West never happened for us.

Later, Drafted, and bothered by the Infantry way I pondered our
trails in life and wondered did Goldie ever get his gaff rigged

pensive pvt forrest