Re: Student deferments/1971 draft lottery numbers

Sat, 15 Mar 97 19:16:39 EST

I'll jump in here to tell my story of bewilderment at not being drafted.
Throughout college (66-70) I had student deferment, despite my sending
annoying little messages to the draft board on every piece of paper they
sent me.

In 1969 they sent me to Cleveland for a physical (I was at Defiance
College in western Ohio). I was scared to death the entire day. It
was rather weird because most of the people there were desperate not
get drafted, but there was a small group of guys desperate to "make
the grade!" When they gave me the hearing test, they put the head
phones on me and told me to raise my hand when I heard the sound. They
cranked the volume up and up and up until my temples were throbbing
before I casually raised my hand.

When the lottery came around, I was a little chagrined with my 6!
However, I was off to seminary by that time and they weren't bothering
people there.
Peace, David Tillyer
City University of New York,