Miles Z. Archer (webmaster@BRIGHT-IDEA.COM)
Wed, 12 Mar 1997 00:55:55 -0500

In reply to Suzaan Boettger, Steve Haas wrote, "I can't answer the first
question, but if you can find Abbie Hoffman's first book (believe it or
not, the name escapes me),... "Revolution for the Hell of It" -- is the
name. Attributed to "Free", it was published by The Dial Press / NYC /

I strongly recommend Eric Noble's <enoble@crl.com> site, devoted to the
diggers. It is must for all on the list. There probably was no single
aspect of the 60's/counter-culture that was as influential and
under-appreciated. Among the many points of interest, Eric provides a
forum for Peter Coyote (digger/actor) to publish chapters of his work in
progress. http://www.webcom.com/enoble/diggers/diggers.html

My very time-worn paperback copy of, Emmett Grogan's, "Ringolevio: A
Life Played For Keeps." was published by Avon Books (all the other
information has withered away). I read this years and years ago, but
remember it being a lot of fun. From what I gather in Eric Noble's
site, there may me another edition containing a forward by Peter Coyote
which puts Emmett's, "Emmett-The-Star" treatment into perspective.

Miles Archer