Laos Crisis (multiple responses)

Mon, 24 Feb 1997 18:51:29 -0500


From: Susan Brownmiller <>
Subject: Re: Student Query

Michael Cambell:

The "Laos Crisis" was 1961.

See Bernard Fall, Anatomy of a Crisis (Doubleday 1969); Arthur Dommen,
Conflict in Laos (Praeger 1971); Roger Warner, Backfire (Simon & Schuster


From: Marc <>
Subject: Re: Student Query

Noam Chomsky studied Laos quite extensively. I'd check out his stuff,
possibly At War With Asia along with other works. Also, I know that Gabriel
Kolko's Anatomy of War has some references.

Marc Levesque


From: "Marc J. Gilbert" <>
Subject: Re: Student Query

In response to a request for info on military demonstrations regarding
Laotian crisis: For information, Timothy Castle's recent book on Laos
would be a good source. I hate to say it, but I am a bit pressed here
and it will have to be "looked up" for title etc. Backfire--also out
in bookstores about the CIA and Laos should have that stuff, too. JFK
actually readied troops on Okinawa for immedate dispatch to Laos.

Marc Gilbert