Re: Volkswagen

Ron Jacobs (rjacobs@THYME.UVM.EDU)
Mon, 3 Feb 1997 08:38:19 EDT

Vic flick wrote:

> Marc Vonnegut's (yes, his son) Eden Express where he goes to Alaska
> to live a sort of communal life prior to his breakdown and pack
> everything into his VW Bug (there's more to the VW part of the story
> than this) prior to his breakdown.

This book is quite good. Mark's descriptions of his schizophrenic
episodes are so real the reader gets a true sense of what it's like
to be in that state of mind. A friend of mine who suffered from
schizophrenia read the book and was amazed at the accuracy of the
narrative. I saw Kurt V. in 1972 in Frankfurt Germany and he spoke
briefly of his sons problems. however, his comments were mostly
negative and sounded like those of a frustrated parent. An aside-
when does the movie version of MOTHER NOGHT come out?

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