Re: Nixon as a Red

drieux H. (drieux@WETWARE.COM)
Mon, 3 Feb 1997 20:41:55 -0800 (PST)

] So Nixon was a red all along! What better person? A dem could not have
] pulled it off...
] Bob

In retrospect, half of the amusement of the
whole John Birch Society Wankage about Red's
In the Ike Administration comes Glaringly to
the forefront when you recall that it was
Nixon who not only took us off the Gold Standard
and abandoned the breton woods agreement but
would implement the RedKommunistDogma of wage
and price controls.

What I am also looking for is anyone with access
to the November 1st 1963 edition of the Pascific
Stars and Stripes in which MACV personnel point
out in a glowing interview that ARVN was loyal
to the Government. { for those who do not recall,
that was the day the Coup Started that would overthow
the Diem Regime. And while MACV would dissent that
morning against the Analysis of State and CIA that
there was trouble Brewing in Saigon, Ambassador Lodge
would be ready and prepared for the Destabalization
of the Only True Anti-Communist Organization that
could hold south vietnam together.... Konkidenke
Or Konspirakii..... }


ps: Whining about THE CIC's Prior Military Service Record
would be useful, were it not for the small unpleasantry of
FDR and Woodrow Wilson having established Precedence, and
the Small Technical Complication that folks Like Rush Limbaugh
and his Ilk would not even get around to registering to vote
until AFTER the EvilLiberalMedia noted this small complication.
There is ENOUGH Guilt to Go Around for those who went, and those
who did not, and the excuses they made for the actions they took.