RE: The Great Witdrawl Syndrome -Reply

Paul Gray (paul.gray@CPR.NARA.GOV)
Sun, 01 Dec 1996 16:18:59 -0500

It's not so much as fixing "Blame" as it is trying to understand how it all a vietnam vet its important to me to understand how i got
there.......what was the real political context of what drove the whole
thing........and what was the underlying motives of those decision thinks we're gettin close to the real historical record and
will soon discover the truth thru declassification of important records of
the era.........

>>> <sixties@jefferson.village.Virginia.EDU> 11/30/96 10:10pm >>>

Drieux's recent posting on this subject makes me think that the recent
revival of the "Who's To Blame for the Viet Nam War Syndrome"
(WTBFTVNW S) is a new game of avoiding collective guilt for the whole
enterprise. If we can pin the war on Kennedy or Johnson, or
Eisenhower, or McNamara, or the Texas Oil millionaires, etc., then we
don't have to look at systemic critiques of American politics and

Ed Hagan