Re: the media in Vietnam (multiple posts)

drieux H. (
Fri, 22 Nov 1996 20:29:16 -0500

I have a Copy of a Paper presented
by a Peter C. Rollins entitled

Neil Sheehan's A Bright And Shining Lie
The Story of John Paul Vann or the New Media Elite

and to be painfully honest, the author doesn't really
tell me much one way or the other. He appears to be upset
that the American Journalists Covering the War in Vietnam
were disinclined to be the Propoganda Wing of the Government
simply disseminating the Press Releases of the MAVC Five o'clock Follies.

If this is the tone, tenant, and core of the Alledged
Conservative Wings dissent about the Evil Media and it's
Stab in the Back Motiff, I would Highly Recommend that these
Alledged Conservatives get a chance to get out more often,
and live under a Really Regulated Media Environment.

Perchance they might also take some time and check out the
Soviet Dissident Movement, the various Samizdat responses to
life under the Communists, and then Reconsider kvetching about
the UnKindness of a Constitutional Ammendment Granting Freedom
of Speach, and the far more Unpleasant implementation of having
a Free Press willing to Fight to defend that Constitutional Ammendment
without HAVING to put tanks in the Streets!


ps: my complements to John Baky for technical assistance
in getting access to this and other documents.