the media in Vietnam (multiple posts)
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Subject: Re: the Media in Vietnam (multiple posts)

To add to the information Joe Townsend added to this topic:

George Herring wrote a major review of the Accuracy in Media contra
PBS Television History film in the American Historical Review that is
easily obtrained by scrolling the index of the AHR.

The paper mentioned by Townsend at the conference at Notre Dame is
probably among those papers from the conference published as a book
from McFarlane Press (N.C.) which I think came out this month.

Marc Gilbert
Nofrth Georgia College

Subject: Re: The media after Tet

The book Anne Ellison was reaching for is William Prochnau, __Once Upon a
Distant War: Youngf War Correspondents and the Early Vietnam Battles__
(Times Books, 1995). Focus is on the Halberstam/Sheehan/Browne group in early
1960s. (Halberstam doesn't like the book, as I recall). Two key books on
the media/war that I don't recall being mentioned are: Clarence R. Wyatt,
__Paper Soldiers: The American Press and the Vietnam War__(Norton, 1993)) and
Daniel Hallin, __The "Uncensored War": The Media and Vietnam (Oxford, 1986).
Both argue that the "major media (networks, _NYT_, __Washington Post__, __Time__etc. supported the war until after 1968.

Tony Edmonds
Ball State Univ.

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Subject: Re: the Media in Vietnam (multiple posts)


The author of the paper at Notre Dame was Peter Rollins. He has an
interesting film that goes along with it.

Joseph S. Townsend
Indiana State
History Department