Re: Kennedy Assassination

Marc J. Gilbert (
Fri, 22 Nov 1996 20:20:28 -0500

In response to the idea that JFK would have pulled out after the
elections of 1964, I would like to say that between Nov 1963 and Nov.
1964, Vietnam passed into the realm of immediate collapse. Events
moved quickly, and LBJ was advised by many of the same advisers JFK
had to take the course that led to the slippery slope becoming an
avalanche. So, even if JFK wanted to pull out, expected to pull out,
that does not mean he would have.

Sorry to say, I have to leave in mid-argument here, so to speak. My
father has had a stroke in LA and I will be away from this address for
a month. So many on this list are good and dear friends. Just
typing this news in the knowledge that, when you see it, I will have
your support and concern, means a lot to me. May the holiday season
bring us all reason for hope and happiness.

Marc Jason Gilbert
North Georgia College and State University