The Great Witdrawl Syndrome

drieux H. (
Fri, 22 Nov 1996 20:18:18 -0500

] I was tipped off in 1964 by John D. Montgomery, then Pres. of the
] Inter-American Press Association, that JFK had told him in private at a meeting
] of the Association in Tampa, shortly before JFK's murder, that he, JFK, planned
] a pullout from Viet Nam for real after the 1964 elections. This squares with
] Newman's thesis and evidence.
] Tom Page

Did JFK happen to mention anything
about what the USA had already DONE
to Vietnam by 1963, or was that just
supppose to slip into history as one
of those Little Oppsies????

What I find most interesting in this
New Revisionism is that for some reason
we are suppose to Suddenly Forget the
Overwhelming Support for the Gulf of
Tonkien Resolution which would pour
out, and LBJ's efforts to contain the

Somewhere along the Line, when Nice White
Boys from the Burbs were suddenly being
called upon to Put their Shiney Hiney's
on the Line for that 'Bear Any Burden'
it became popular to understand that it
was Really Johnson's War.......

The Rewrites ever since remain amusing.
Nice, Trite, and ready made to foreclose
on the need to be critical about the ACTUAL
HISTORY of American involvement in Vietnam
UP TO the Assasination of Diem.

American G.I.'s Die in the Rice Paddies, and
the DOD will not issue even Purple Hearts,
since Officially there was no war for them
to be dead in, yet....

The Battle of Ap Bac clearly was more dangerous
than even the Press Could Write about in terms
of the Death Of Truth....