why we stayed in vietnam

Tue, 5 Nov 1996 10:07:56 -0500

as the beatles sang: give me money. that's what i want.

it was more than just the raw materials - tungsten, chromium, rubber, off-shore oil, rice, heroin/opium but also the
money to be made by continually outfitting/feeding, etc., a growing number of soldiers, building and contnually
replacing heavy equipment and aricraft as it was destroyed in the course of a war, etc.

much more money to be made by many more companies/individuals in this way than by having a nuclear-based
defense establishment -- bombs don't eat! (not that this went away because of vietnam; instead it was the best
of both worlds for the profiteers). the purpose of the war was to just to have a war in a certain sense.

the truth is just a plain picture as bob dylan once said. and if you think you are going to find anything like this in
robert mcnamara's book or any history of the period you are sadly mistaken. as hunter thompson put it: history is
only so much hired bullshit.

someone else wrote that history gets written by the victors and with the removal of jfk, there is little doubt as to
who the winners were in that little skirmish (and who was responsible for the assassination and why it was done).
the losers were the rest of us in this country. and still we remain blind.

vic flick

The only alternative (and his other possibilities)

dylan said it very eloquently in his masters of war