Re: Why did the U.S. remain in Vietnam?

joe mc donald (
Sun, 3 Nov 1996 22:05:35 -0500

There are very few real communists and very few real capitalists but the
war between the two economic plans has caused the world great pain. We are
all still looking for the whys? of it all but as for the beginnings I would
suggest a Department of Defense publication titled ALLIED PARTICIPATION IN
VIETNAM for a DOD take on Lyndon Johnsons hard sell of the Vietnam War as a
"show of many flags" therefore FREE WORLD FORCES facade as justification
for an unjustifiable act of imperialist force. and for the GRAND FINALE
please do not pass up DECENT INTERVAL by Frank Snepp the only author to
ever be sued by the CIA, his ex-employer, all the way to the Supreme Court
where the judgement was that he could not collect any of his royalties from
his book about the fall of Siagon and the treasonous cowardly behavior of
the American and South Vietnamese leaders as the dominos all fell on them.

Keep on diggin and watch out for friendly fire, country
joe mc donald