Vietnam POW conference

Mon, 21 Oct 1996 17:29:53 -0400

"The American POW/MIA Experience:
History, Testimony, and Artistic Representation"
(November 8, 1996)
The S. Dillon Ripley Center (Room 3111)
The Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars
(Smithsonian Castle)

9:00-10:30 Historiography: Issues and Historical Models

Chair: Joe Dunn, Converse College

World War Two
Lewis Carlson, History, Western Michigan U

Bob Doyle, U. of Strasbourg II (France)

Craig Howes, University of Hawaii-Manoa

Comments: Joe Dunn

11:00-12:30 Testimony: What We Learned? How Reported?

(POW's describe their experience and what they gleaned
from it in the way of wisdom. What books, films
most authentically reflect their experience.)

Chair: Col. Norman McDaniel, USAF (Ret.)

Col. Fred V. Cherry, POW:1965-73
Hon. Everett Alvarez, POW:1964-73
Com. Charles P. Zuboski, POW:1967-73

Comments: Norman McDaniel, POW-1966-73

12:45-2:00 Luncheon and Speaker

" Our Efforts Today"
Al Santoli, Special Assistant for Human Rights
and POW issues, Congressman
Dornan's Office

Lunch included in the registration.

2:30-4:00 The Captivity Narrative as a Literary Form.

(Interpretations of selected captivity narratives
from various wars to identify the "shape" of the

Chair: Marc Leepson, Vietnam Veterans of America

Robert Doyle, U of Strasbourg II
_Voices from Captivity_(UP of Kansas, 1994)

Elliott Gruner, Air Force Academy
_Prisoners of Culture_(Rutgers UP, 1993)

Reponse: Craig Howes, U Hawaii-Manoa

4:30-6:00 The Motion Picture Image of POW/MIAs

Chair: Adrian Cronauer, VP, VVI

Michael Lee Lanning, author of _Vietnam at the Movies_
Clips and Discussion of the POW/MIA Genre

Chuck Norris and/or Aaron Norris of Hollywood/Texas
Making the films, responding to the audience.

6:00-8:00 Reception and Discussions TBA

Registration: $50 before 15 October and $65 thereafter.
Make checks out to "VVI" and send to Rollins address,
below. After October 25, fax intentions and xerox
of check (which should be mailed at that time).
All speakers and auditors must register.

Dr. Peter Rollins
Rt.3, Box 80
Cleveland, OK 74020
(918)243-7637 and fax 5995

Alternative contact:
Rudi Gresham, Executive Director
Vietnam Veterans Institute
1003 Blue Springs Rd.
Orange City, FL 32763
V:(904)228-0793 and fax (904)775-9917

Reading list (evolving):


World War II

Carlson, Lewis. _We Were Each Other's Prisoners: An Oral History
of World War II American and German Prisoners of War_
New York: Basic Books, 1996.


Doyle, Robert. _Voices from Captivity: Interpreting the American
POW Experience_. Lawrence: U Kansas P, 1994.


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Fight_. New York: Oxford UP, 1993.


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Wallace Terry. New York: Random House, 1984. 260-84.

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McDaniel, Eugene "Red". _Scars and Stripes_.
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War by Thirty-Three American Soldiers and Southeast Asians_.
New York: Random House, 1981.

___. To Bear Any Burden: The Vietnam War and Its Aftermath in
the Words of Americans and Southeast Asians_.
NY: Dutton, 1985.


Doyle, Robert. _Voices from Captivity: Interpreting the American
POW Experience_. Lawrence: U of Kansas P, 1994

Gruner, Elliott. _Prisoners of Culture: Representing the Vietnam
POW._ New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers UP, 1993.


Lanning, Michael L. _Vietnam at the Movies_.
NY: Fawcett, 1994.

The Vietnam Veterans Institute:

Since 1981, the Vietnam Veterans Institute has been offering
panels, workshops, and publications on issues related to the
Vietnam legacy and the legacy of all veterans. The _American
Veterans Journal_ has been issued each year for the last five
years and brings together papers from the annual conference plus
important information from other sources.

The journal has published critiques of the CBS documentary
which attacked Gen. Westmoreland (and was the basis of "the
Westmoreland trial"); analyses of such important works as Neil
Sheehan's _A Bright Shining Lie_; surveys of veterans' employment
issues; and over twenty essays on the McNamara book entitled _In
Retrospect_. In these efforts, we have attempted to create a
paper trail of importance to future generations needing
perspective on the Vietnam legacy.

Board members for VVI include General Westmoreland, Admiral
U.S. Grant Sharp, Admiral Elmo Zumwalt, Dr. William Detweiler
(former Commander of the American Legion), Col. Harry Summers,
Jr, M. Gen. George S. Patton, Jr. Our scholars and professional
writers are also veterans--many of them decorated combat
veterans--who are concerned that the record uphold the honor and
patriotism of those who served when their country called.

VVI is happy to work with schools, conferences, and other
institutions to supply speakers and panels for public symposia.
This program represents the kind of scholarly work we do and we
hope that you will take an interest.

Please contact Rudi Gresham or Dr. Peter Rollins at the
addresses indicated elsewhere on this flyer.


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