CFP: 1997 Bluegrass Symposium

Tue, 22 Oct 1996 13:11:56 -0400

Dear Sixties:
Please post the following Call for Papers:


1997 Bluegrass Symposium

Exploring New Directions in the History of American Foreign Relations

February 28-March 2, 1997
University of Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky

The University of Kentucky's 1997 Bluegrass Symposium invites proposals for
papers and/or panels for its fifth annual conference. This year's primary
focus will concern new approaches to American Foreign Relations History
from the eighteenth century to the present. The Program Committee also
encourages the submission of papers and panels on other aspects of American
and World history (for the SIXTIES-L list, papers on the domestic impact
of the Vietnam War would be especially helpful and welcome).

University of Kentucky Alumni Professor George Herring will give the keynote
address, entitled "The Vietnam Syndrome, American Foreign Policy, and the
Uses of History," on Friday evening, February 28. Professor Herring is
the author of several noted books on American Diplomatic History, including
__Aid to Russia, 1941-1946: Strategy, Diplomacy, and the Origins of the
Cold War__ (1973); __America's Longest War: The United States and Vietnam__
(1979), and __LBJ and Vietnam__ (1994).

More information on the Symposium should be available by the end of November
at the following WEBSITE:

Graduate and advanced undergraduate students are welcome to submit papers
and serve as commentators. Proposals should include a one-page abstract
of each paper and curriculum vitas of presenters and commentators. Send the
entire application packet, postmarked no later than December 31, to:

The 1997 Bluegrass Symposium Phone: 606-257-4431
c/o Daniel E. Crowe Fax: 606-323-3885
Department of History E-Mail:
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY 40506-0027

To SIXTIES-L list subscribers:

The Bluegrass Committee will look favorably on any panels concerning the
Vietnam Conflict, a frequent subject of discussion on this list. The papers
can be focused on the policy or domestic side of the equation, and can concern
such things as MIAs, Cold War policy, military tactics and actions, etc.
Interdisciplinary papers and panels are also welcome, and if you have any
questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at the e-mail address above.
Daniel E. Crowe
Chair, 1997 Bluegrass Symposium