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About two years ago I sent Kali Tal a bibliography of several hundred pages
that listed titles and their citations from about 1963 to 1975. The common
thread of the entries was that they in some way reflected, described, or
exemplified that era. Beside attempting to do the above, these citations
were broken into general cognitive groupings like, Civil Disobediance/draft
evasion; Social Mores; Novels, short stories, film, poetry; you get the ideas.

Because I was compiling this bib. at the time the material was extant, you
can imagine what is there represented, but is now no longer neither
available nor even remembered (or, in some cases, even imaginable!) If
people are interested in seeing what is in that list perhaps Kali can say
how the thing might be accessed. I believe it reached the point where the
citations had been input into some electronic format - past that, I cannot say.

I do remember that among the hundreds and hundreds of entries there were
some truly amazing intellectual fossils - both humorous and sobering, though
by reason of the exigencies of the past 30 years of social history, the
former was as often as not meant to be the "sober" production and vice
versa. I am betting that many people on this list who might spend some time
poring over it would discover some titles and authors and associations that
had gone completely out of there consciousness. Coming across references to
many of these oddities would be like ChristmasChannuchaRamadanMayDay
morning. One that just popped into my mind was Claude Brown's (?) Manchild
in the Promised Land. Not all that obscure, admittedly, but I hadn't
thought of it in years even though I remember it with fondness because it
was so accessible to a white kid trying not to be one (I failed,
incidentally.) Another one is a draft counseling pamphlet by Tulie
Kupherberg of the Fugs wherein he advises the young draft evader to present
himself at the induction center in neatly pressed clothing and then proceed
to talk through his anus until dismissed. I wonder, should that title be
added to list that is currently abuilding?

best wishes,

John Baky
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>A good, building list of 60s-era books! I have been saving the messages in a
>file, but not "compiling" them as Paula asked; that is, not editing to convert
>them into a list.... Anyway, the data are here for now; at some point, I can
>probably edit a little & send out.
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