Re: Poetry of the Sixties- Neruda

Wed, 11 Sep 1996 08:34:24 -0400

>And don't forget one of Pablo Nerudas last books, "A Call for Nixonicide"

Which reminds me of Lawrence Ferlinghetti's marvelous "Tyrannus Nix" an
epic-length poem --a must read.

Includes the stanza,

Nix oh Nix the original fighting Quaker with your Wasp's nest on Plymouth Rock
rigged with Pioneer Era Guidelines in a Great Leap Backward into a new
union-military-industrial Dark Agegs with far-out multi-media scenes of mass
paranoia as in Hieronymus Bosch death and sensualilty wedded in bugering
napalmed natives and/or off-color students clitorises quivering in the
ultimate orgasm of death I salute thee national pilot of our destinies in Air
Force One I salute thee mass murderer by complicity While there is a
strung-out soul in Santa Rita Prison I am not free While there is a napalmed
class I am of it I raise my middle finger to you smiling supporter of
benevolent imperial nationalist built upon political falsehoods which still
rule [yes still!] Washington DC and which you and every other politician and
president including Kennedy were too political not to inherit Don't call me
on your red telephone War is good business Invest your son

You get the idea...

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