Re: Great Texts of the 60s -- A Reply

m.bibby (
Sat, 31 Aug 1996 23:02:46 -0400

Some other books that haven't been listed yet and immediately spring to
mind--I don't think the "60s" would've been quite the same without them:

Herbert Marcuse, *One-Dimensional Man* and *Eros & Civilization*
Simone de Beauvoir, *The Second Sex*
Robert Bly & David Ray, eds., *A Poetry Reading Against the Vietnam War*
Leroi Jones & Larry Neal, eds., *Black Fire*
Ellen Bass & Florence Howe, eds., *No More Masks!*
Todd Gitlin, ed., *Campfires of the Resistance: Poetry from the Movement*
Robin Morgan, ed., *Sisterhood is Powerful*
*Our Bodies, Ourselves*
Frantz Fanon, *The Wretched of the Earth*
*The Autobiography of Malcolm X*
Allen Ginsberg, *Howl*
Richard Brautigan, *Trout Fishing in America*
Betty Friedan, *The Feminine Mystique*
Vine de Loria, *Custer Died for Your Sins*
Paul Goodman, *Growing Up Absurd*
Michael Harrington, *The Other America*
Abbie Hoffman, *Steal This Book*
Jerry Rubin, *Do It!*
R. D. Laing, *The Politics of Experience*
Kate Millett, *Sexual Politics*
J. D. Salinger, *Catcher in the Rye*
Kurt Vonnegut, *Slaughterhouse Five*
Adrienne Rich, *Leaflets*
Denise Levertov, *To Stay Alive*
N. Scott Momaday, *The House Made of Dawn*

Michael Bibby