Re: Great Texts of the 60s -- A Reply
Thu, 29 Aug 1996 18:34:02 -0400

This is a response to Peter Braunstein's recent post [excerpt]...

><> 08/22/96 12:42pm
>To approach the social movements of the 60s as arising from a certain
>body of ideas and assumptions, I was wondering what others might
>consider to be the texts that were considered "crucial" in the 60s.

Check out a recently published volume that seems germaine to your

Philip D. Beidler, _Scriptures for a Generation: What We Were Reading in
the '60s_ (Athens & London: University of Georgia Press, 1994).

Beidler approaches his topic by examining a couple dozen authors whose
works he judges to have been canonical to the youthful, culturally aware
reading public. His short synopses of these writers' most popular books
are augmented by a rather idiosyncratic analysis of same, redeemed by a
very fine bibliography.

-- Michael Wm. Doyle

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