Re: the Chicano Moratorium as Anti-Draft Policy

Maggie Jaffe (
Wed, 28 Aug 1996 15:10:18 -0400

Dear Sixties People:

I'd like to add a point to Ted Morgan's argument. In August 1970, the
Chicano Moratorium was held in Los Angeles in protest against the draft.
At this event, Reuben Salazar, an anti-war journalist, was murdered by
police. *Requiem 29* (Third World Cinema, 1971), a half-hour documentary,
was filmed during this event. The numbers who protested were impressive.
I believe that San Diego held simultaneous protests, including the
re-claiming of Chicano Park. Chicano Park still has the original murals
from the 60s, including a portrait of Che Guevara. The print I saw of
*Requiem 29* was in terrible condition and should be restored, since there
isn't much material on the Chicano Movement and the Brown Berets.